Module SFTP-Server

SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol for secure file transfer between a client and a server. It is based on the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH), which provides secure user authentication and encrypted data transfer to protect your data from unauthorized access. SFTP is a secure alternative to other file transfer protocols such as FTP and is used in many different industries, including retail, automotive, healthcare, and finance. It is also used in conjunction with EDI.

The Module SFTP Server extends the functionality of !MC5 with the ability to transfer encrypted data via SFTP. It provides an SFTP server to which your business partners can connect with any SFTP clients to send you data or download ready data. The Module SFTP Server is specially optimized for secure EDI data exchange and provides the highest security standards by implementing pure SFTP access without shell access or other SSH services. Users have no access to the local file system and only get access to the data provided for them.

The Module SFTP Server integrates seamlessly with !MC5 and all supported add-ons and modules, including the EDI module, to provide comprehensive EDI processing. It already includes an SFTP Channel that can be used with both the Module SFTP Server and the Module SFTP Client.


Using the Module SFTP Server is extremely user-friendly. After the initial setup, which is done with just a few clicks, all further necessary settings for a successful data exchange with an SFTP partner are made conveniently and directly when adding a new partner.

Encrypted data transfer based on SSH-2 (Secure Shell Protocol Version 2) provides reliable authentication and ensures secure transmission of sensitive data. To ensure the security of your system, the Module SFTP Server offers only the SFTP service and does not provide any other SSH services.

For optimal security, the Module SFTP Server provides a pure SFTP environment, with no shell access or other SSH services. Additionally, no access to the local file system is granted. Connected SFTP clients "see" only the data provided to them.

The Module SFTP Server allows you to have an unlimited number of partner connections. However, the number of licensed SFTP Channels determines the amount of simultaneous, parallel connections. One SFTP Channel is already included in the Module SFTP Server. All licensed SFTP Channels can be used with both the Module SFTP Server and the SFTP Client module. If necessary, you can expand the capacity for simultaneous SFTP connections at any time by purchasing additional SFTP Channel licenses.

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