Module FTP/S Client

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a widely used standard for transferring data between servers and clients on networks. Enabled by the TCP/IP protocol, FTP forms the basis for file exchange in numerous applications and environments. Data can flow in both directions: From client to server and vice versa. While many protocols, such as SFTP, use a single connection for data transfer, FTP uses multiple connections to transfer commands and data independently. This offers the advantage that additional commands can be sent and executed during the data transfer.

Due to the use of multiple channels for data transmission, more complex adjustments to the company network are generally necessary if data is to be transmitted via FTP over the Internet. Thanks to support for FTPS, an extension of FTP to include encryption of command and data channels via TLS, FTP can also be used securely over the Internet, but is often only used in internal networks due to the more complex network configuration.

The !MC5 Module FTP/S Client provides a reliable, easy-to-configure FTP client that is fully integrated into the EDI processing and supports both unencrypted FTP and FTPS connections encrypted via TLS 1.0 to 1.3. This FTP client allows users to easily and quickly connect to other FTP servers, send and receive data. Fully integrated with EDI processing, !MC5's FTP client provides a seamless and efficient solution for data exchange in complex network environments.


Using the Module FTP/S Client of !MC5 is extremely user-friendly and does not require any special setup. All necessary configurations and settings required for successful data exchange with an FTP partner are done conveniently and directly when adding a new partner.

The Module FTP/S Client supports both unencrypted FTP data transfers and encrypted connections via FTPS. Thus, the FTP/S-Client module offers maximum flexibility in the use of FTP: security according to the latest standards, including TSL 1.3 and SHA-3. At the same time, it is also downward compatible if required to meet the requirements of your business partners.

Status and error messages related to FTP transactions are provided and procollated in real time, allowing problems to be quickly identified and resolved. In addition, automated further processing of received data enables a smooth workflow.

The Module FTP/S Client of !MC5 is specifically designed for handling EDI data. It enables the automated transfer of EDI data, using the Managed File Transfer (MFT) principle. This special orientation enables !MC5 to manage and transfer EDI data efficiently and reliably.

The Module FTP/S Client allows you to have an unlimited number of partner connections. However, the number of licensed FTP/S channels determines the amount of simultaneous, parallel connections. One FTP/S Channel is already included in the Module FTP/S Client. If necessary, you can expand the capacity for simultaneous FTP connections by purchasing additional FTP/S Channel licenses.

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