Exchange design data with ENGDAT via OFTP2

The exchange of design data (CAD data) is of great importance in many areas of industry, especially between clients, engineers, suppliers and other parties. This exchange is used to communicate requirements, provide technical information and ensure that all parties are on the same page. A best practice for the exchange of CAD and CAM data is the use of the Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) in conjunction with the ENGDAT standard.

OFTP2 provide reliable and secure transfer of CAD data even over the Internet. The protocol has extensive security features to ensure that data is protected against unauthorized access. This is particularly important during the development phase of projects, as confidential information must be protected. OFTP2 also enables efficient transfer of large files and provides features such as resumption of aborted transfers. In addition, OFTP2 ensures that the recipient has received the data correctly by providing receipt confirmations.

CAD/CAM daten using ENGDAT and OFTP2
CAD/CAM data using ENGDAT and OFTP2

ENGDAT combines CAD files and additional information

ENGDAT is an industry standard for the electronic data exchange of CAD files. During a transfer according to the ENGDAT standard, all related files are combined in a uniform naming scheme and supplemented by an additional metadata file. This metadata file contains important information such as sender and recipient, purpose, status and free text as well as the original names of the original files. This ensures the integrity of the transferred data and enables recipients to forward the data specifically to the appropriate departments or employees.

However, using ENGDAT to transmit CAD data involves additional work. Before sending, the files must be renamed according to the ENGDAT naming scheme, and the required meta information must be specified and put into the correct format for the metadata file. For received ENGDAT data, this information must again be displayed in a readable form and the files must be renamed back to their original names.

Easy use of ENGDAT with !MC5

This is where the ENGDAT add-on for !MC5 comes in to make the process easier. It allows you to configure presets for the required ENGDAT metainformation for each partner. These presets are automatically applied during shipping and can be added to and customized by the user. The add-on automatically generates the metadata file in the correct format and renames the files according to the ENGDAT naming scheme. The prepared data can then be sent to the partner via OFTP. When ENGDAT data is received, it can be displayed as plain text and the files can be renamed back to their original names.

The additional ENGPART add-on extends ENGDAT support by providing automatic management of partner master data and advanced automation capabilities for processing received ENGDAT data. By integrating the Client/Server or HTTP Client add-ons, !MC5 enables employees to send and receive CAD data directly from their workstation via a client program or web browser. Furthermore !MC5 supports the transfer of other data like EDI messages not only via OFTP2 but also via AS2 or SFTP.

Data transfer via OFTP2 with !MC5 is certified by Odette International, which guarantees correct and secure data transfer. By using ENGDAT in combination with OFTP2, !MC5 provides a reliable and efficient solution for the exchange of CAD data and enables smooth cooperation between the parties involved.

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