Module !MC5 BASE

The Module !MC5 BASE is the basic module of !MC5 and is needed for every installation. It contains all basic functions and routines that are needed to run all other modules and add-ons. These include the integrated update function, automatic email notifications in case of errors, a backup function, the complete automation of all processes as well as their comprehensive logging.

Thanks to these functions, business processes can be seamlessly integrated and optimized, efficiency increased and error-proneness reduced. Seamless tracking enables easy analysis and rapid identification of errors and optimization of processes.


!MC5 is characterized by simple installation and operation, so that even inexperienced users can quickly get to grips with it. The intuitive user interface enables efficient use of the functions. Subsequently purchased modules and add-ons are automatically downloaded and installed via the integrated update function.

The integrated update function keeps !MC5 always up to date. Security relevant updates can be installed promptly and you can therefore rely on a reliable and secure use of the software.

With automatic notifications via email, errors and problems are quickly detected and resolved. You will also receive a message when other events occur, such as new updates, so that you are always up to date.

Thanks to the integrated backup function, important data as well as the software configuration can be regularly backed up and quickly restored. This protects you against unforeseen events such as hardware failures or cyber attacks and prevents possible data loss.

All transfer methods supported by !MC5 can be used with parallel, simultaneous connections to different partners. The number of partners is not limited. Depending on the transmission module used, the number of parallel transmissions depends on the license.

The complete automation of all processes in !MC5 allows you to seamlessly integrate and optimize your business processes. This increases efficiency and reduces the susceptibility to errors.

!MC5 offers comprehensive logging of all processes to ensure complete tracking and analysis. This allows processes to be optimized and errors to be identified quickly.