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Managed File Transfer und EDI Converter

!MC5 stands out for its modularity and cost efficiency as an advanced solution for business data exchange and EDI data processing.

With support for a variety of transfer protocols and the ability to convert EDI data according to the most common standards, !MC5 can cover a wide range of B2B communication requirements. Companies benefit from comprehensive automation, from data conversion to sending and receiving, with no limit to the number of partners that can be connected.

The modular structure of !MC5 makes it possible to expand the functionality of the software exactly according to the individual needs of your company. This means that you only pay for the functions that you actually need. With the ability to add new modules at any time, !MC5 is a future-proof solution that can adapt to continuously changing business requirements. This tailor-made adaptability ensures cost-effective implementation and facilitates maintenance and configuration of business processes.

Connect - One program, all connections

Different industries and even different partners within the same industry use a variety of transmission methods to exchange business documents and data.

With !MC5, you are optimally prepared for the constantly changing requirements in the business environment. !MC5 supports numerous common transmission technologies and, thanks to its modular structure, offers the option of expanding the range of functions at any time exactly as required.

Your benefits

  • Supported protocols: AS2, FTP/S, OFTP/OFTP2, SFTP
  • Control of any external applications for data transfer or processing
  • No limit to the number of partners that can be connected
  • No dependencies on external software
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Convert - EDI conversion and processing

EDI, the electronic data interchange, presents a major challenge for many companies. Business partners require specific data formats that are not always compatible with existing company software.

For this reason, data must often first be converted for transmission or receipt in order to be understood by the other party or processed internally. The Module EDI extends !MC5 with comprehensive functions for processing and converting EDI data in accordance with the most common standards. It also allows you to define your own formats to ensure smooth integration with any application.

Your benefits

  • Support for the most important EDI formats, such as ASC X.12, EDIFACT, ODETTE/VDA and more
  • Flexible ERP connection via freely definable formats, for example FlatFile, CSV, IDoc or pAI files
  • One-click conversion from and to XML
  • Import of data to be sent and export of received data can be fully automated
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Try !MC5 for three weeks free of charge!

See the power of !MC5 for yourself. You can test all the functions of !MC5 for three weeks without any restrictions! We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the modules and add-ons relevant to you. And if you decide to use !MC5, the trial version can be upgraded to the licensed version without any loss of data.

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Integrate - Integration into existing processes

Every company is characterized by its uniqueness, which applies equally to company-specific software. This results in the essential need for the software to be an adaptation to your company, rather than requiring your company to adapt to the software.

!MC5 integrates seamlessly and transparently into your existing software ecosystem. The easy configurability, full automation and wide range of extension options position !MC5 as the ideal solution to efficiently connect your business to the outside world.

Your benefits

  • All processes can be fully automated, from conversion to dispatch and printing
  • E-mail notifications in the event of problems or according to configurable rules
  • Can be used as a desktop application, via web browser or client application
  • Flexibly expandable according to your needs
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