Add-On Windows Service

The Add-On Windows Service allows !MC5 to run as a Windows service in the background, without user login. This prevents accidental changes of settings or termination of the application by logged in users. The Windows Service continuously monitors, using various methods, that there is always an instance of !MC5 active to minimize unwanted downtime and ensure that you are always available to your business partners.

When using the add-on, !MC5 runs in background mode with particularly low resource consumption, which among other things further increases system stability. Nevertheless, the logs can be viewed via the log evaluation even during background operation. In addition, important events can optionally be recorded in the Windows event log to integrate them into your existing monitoring.

Switching to the GUI version of !MC5 is possible at any time by simply launching !MC5. Access via client application or web browser using the Add-Ons Client/Server or HTTP Client is also possible at any time during background operation.


The Add-On Windows Service allows !MC5 to run smoothly in the background, without user login. This ensures that the application is not accidentally terminated and that you are continuously available for your business partners to ensure continuous data delivery.

After licensing the Add-On Windows Service, you can easily activate this operating mode in the !MC5 settings. The rest of the process is then automatic and does not require any manual user interaction.

As a service, !MC5 consumes less system resources compared to a full-fledged application with user interface. This makes the service more efficient, leads to more stability and helps to improve the overall system performance.

The Windows Service helps to minimize downtime by continuously monitoring the system as well as the running instance of !MC5 and automatically restarting !MC5 in the background in case of serious errors or after accidental termination of the application.

With the log evaluation you have the possibility to get an overview of received data, send jobs or status messages of !MC5. With a licensed Windows service, the protocol evaluation can also be used as a service monitor, which displays the status of !MC5 in the notification area of the Windows taskbar.

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