Our partners

At Bartsch Software, we understand the importance of collaboration and partnership in today's fast-paced technology world.

Our partners are an integral part of our success and play a critical role in delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers. By working with leading companies and experts from a variety of industries, we are able to broaden our offering, refine our technologies and create real value for our customers.

HDx Solutions
HDx Solutions GmbH

HDx Solutions specializes in the development of individual, flexible and scalable business process solutions with the aim of supporting medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries in optimizing their business processes.

+49 3591 67 24 - 0

Gewerbepark 10
02692 Großpostwitz/OT Ebendörfel

EVO Informationssysteme
EVO Informationssysteme GmbH
Software & Consulting

EVO develops industrial software for SMEs and mid-sized companies. As a software manufacturer and process optimizer, we want to move you forward and inspire you with our commitment and innovations.

+49 7176 45 29 0 - 0

Ludwig-Bölkow-Strasse 15
73568 Durlangen

EVO Informationssysteme
trend SWM
EDV-Beratung GmbH & Co. KG

trend SWM is a modern development and service company specializing in sales, merchandise management and PPS production software as part of ERP solutions.

+49 761 88 88 0 - 78

Jechtinger Straße 9
79111 Freiburg