Engineering Data Message (ENGDAT) is an established industry standard specifically designed to facilitate the electronic exchange of CAD files between different companies. This standard aims to make CAD data exchange faster and more efficient, which improves collaboration and increases productivity. ENGDAT is used by numerous companies worldwide and is an integral part of today's manufacturing industry.

CAD/CAM data often consists of a multitude of different files. With ENGDAT, these files are bundled into a cohesive package and tagged with additional information, such as details about the content of the ENGDAT transmission and the recipient and sender of the data. This ensures that the transmissions are complete and arrive at the correct recipient. The structured design of the ENGDAT transmission facilitates the management and control of the CAD/CAM data.

The Add-On ENGDAT supports the transmission of CAD/CAM file groups including accompanying information such as sender, format and drawing number in accordance with Recommendation 4951 of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The intuitive user interface makes it easy for users to add all the necessary information to transfer CAD data and convert it to ENGDAT format. The information in received ENGDAT data can be displayed in plain text and the included files can be unpacked into their original format for direct further processing.

The Add-On ENGDAT can be used with the Modules OFTP or and OFTP2. The Add-On ENGPART extends the functionality of the Add-On ENGDAT by the automatic exchange of contact data. Furthermore, the Add-Ons Client/Server and HTTP Client support the creation and evaluation of ENGDAT transmissions from any workstation.


You can individually define for each business partner how the sending and receiving of data in ENGDAT format is handled. During data sending and receiving !MC5 automatically detects if the data is in ENGDAT format and provides the required control options if necessary.

The Add-On ENGDAT provides support for versions 1 to 3 of the ENGDAT standard. Depending on the specific requirements of your partner, you can select the appropriate version supported by them.

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