ENGPART (Engineering Partner Message) is an add-on to ENGDAT that enables the exchange of partner master data between CAD workstations. The support of ENGPART significantly simplifies the management of partner data for ENGDAT transfers. Master data and contact data can be exchanged directly between partners via OFTP and transferred automatically. This reduces the effort and error-proneness in the transmission of contact data and the subsequent ENGDAT transfers.

The Add-On ENGPART extends the functionality of ENGDAT. It enables a comfortable administration of own master data and contact persons in the company as well as their transfer via ENGPART to partner companies. Received ENGPART data is automatically evaluated and the partner master data is updated accordingly. The contact data managed with ENGPART, both own and partner data, can be conveniently used when creating ENGDAT send orders.

In addition, the ENGPART add-on provides advanced processing capabilities for received ENGDAT transmissions.


The Add-On ENGPART extends the functionality of the Add-On ENGDAT by simplified handling of master data, both of your business partners and your own, according to VDA guideline 4951. This results in simplification and automation of data exchange using ENGDAT.

With the user-friendly administration interface you can manage your own master data as well as contact persons and CAD workplaces internally and keep them up-to-date. This enables convenient organization and updating of company information within your own company.

The received ENGPART data is automatically analyzed and the partner's contact information is updated accordingly. This eliminates the need for complicated and error-prone data exchange by other means.

Received ENGDAT data can be automatically sorted based on various criteria such as forwarding address or ENGDAT file name. Optionally, the data can be unpacked and renamed according to their original file names.

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