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OFTP, the Odette File Transfer Protocol, is a standardized protocol for secure data exchange between companies. Originally developed by Odette International, it is mainly - but not exclusively - used in the automotive industry. OFTP provides encryption, authentication and file integrity functions, and enables receipt confirmations to ensure that data has been received correctly. This allows companies to effectively automate their data transfer and integrate it into their operations.

The Module OFTP extends !MC5 with the ability to transfer any data via OFTP over unencrypted TCP/IP or ISDN connections. Such unencrypted connections are primarily used in closed networks like ENX, the communication network of the European automotive industry. Nevertheless, the Module OFTP is compatible with OFTP version 2 and supports all security features of this version. !MC5s OFTP2 implementation is certified by Odette International. For encrypted data transfers via the Internet, the Module OFTP2 is required.

With the Module OFTP, data can be easily sent and received via OFTP with any number of partners, from large CAD files to small EDI files. The scope of delivery includes either an OFTP/ISDN channel or an OFTP/TCP channel. In addition, the Module OFTP can be extended with the Add-On ENGDAT and the Add-On ENGPART to include tools for easier transfer of design data. The Module EDI also enables smooth integration with your company's own EDI systems.


!MC5 features simple installation and operation, so even inexperienced users can quickly get to grips with it. The intuitive user interface enables efficient use of the functions. Subsequently purchased modules and add-ons are automatically downloaded and installed via the integrated update function.

Certified by Odette International, the Module OFTP complies with the latest, official OFTP specifications according to RFC 5024 and the OFTP Implementation Guidelines - for transmission over unencrypted connections - including automatic certificate exchange (ACX) as well as Partner Data Exchande via XML (PDX). By regularly testing for compliance with Odette specifications, you can be sure that !MC5 is compatible with all other OFTP solutions tested by Odette.

The Module OFTP allows you to have an unlimited number of partner connections. However, the number of licensed OFTP channels determines the amount of simultaneous, parallel connections. One OFTP/TCP channel or one OFTP/ISDN channel is already included in the Module OFTP. If required, you can expand the capacity for simultaneous OFTP connections by purchasing additional OFTP channel licenses.

!MC5 allows you to fully automate your data transfer processes, significantly increasing efficiency and saving time. Included is the function of time-controlled automatic data transmission, which allows you to set precise transmission intervals and thus optimally synchronize your workflows.

The European Network Exchange (ENX) forms the central communications network of the European automotive industry, ensuring secure and reliable data exchange. Data transmission in this network follows strict security standards and protocols to protect the integrity and confidentiality of industry-critical information.

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