!MC5 Downloads

You can test all functions of !MC5 for three weeks without any restrictions! To do so, download and install the !MC5 setup via the link below. During registration you can then request a demo licence. You will find detailed instructions in the !MC5 user manual. If !MC5 is installed as a trial version, the following functions are included:

  • Always included is the Module !MC5 BASE.
  • During registration you choose from the Modules AS2, FTP/S, OFTP, OFTP2 and SFTP (client and server) what exactly you want to test. No matter if only one or all modules.
  • Further modules or add-ons can be activated for testing at any time, even for installations that are already licensed.
  • As the Module EDI is very extensive, it will only be activated as a demo after consultation, so that you can test the functions relevant to you.
We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the modules and add-ons relevant to you.

!MC5 trial version / base setup

!MC5 base installer for use with license key or to install as trial version. Supported languages are englisch and german.

 Download !MC5 setup

After installation, !MC5 is automatically updated to the latest available version. Additional files required for modules and add-ons included in your licence are also automatically downloaded via the integrated update function of !MC5.

Bartsch Software remote support

To get support via remote access using TeamViewer you can download our remote support module, if TeamViewer isn't already installed locally.

 Bartsch Software remote support

This will redirect you to the download page for the latest version of the remote support module on www.teamviewer.com.

Are you still using Odette MC?

In 2016 !MC5 replaced our widely used products Odette MC, Odette MC CAD and EDI-Convert Standalone. Support for those legacy products as well as additional modules and addons are still available but limited.

!MC5 offers many improvements compared to its predecessors and we strongly recommend to upgrade to the new version: !MC5 improves setup, configuration and maintenance: More powerful certificate management, extended protocols, integrated update notification and installation are just some of the new features in !MC5.

Learn more about new features in !MC5

Download updates for Odette MC / CAD / EDI-Convert