Bartsch Software

Bartsch Software is an independent software vendor and service provider for B2B communication and EDI solutions, founded in 1993. Since then Bartsch Software was able to successfully establish itself in the market of industry specific standard software. Quality, expertise and customer satisfaction are hallmarks of Bartsch Software.

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 About us

The software products of Bartsch Software are being used internationally and support companies since more than 20 years in their Business-To-Business (B2B) communications, predominantly via OFTP and OFTP2 protocols mainly used in the automotive sector. Additional support of ENGDAT and ENGPART as well as processing and conversion of EDI messages (e.g. UN/EDIFACT, VDA, ASC X12) turn the current product !MC5 into one of the most powerful solutions to connect individual business software to the outside world.

Our years of experience in B2B communication and EDI solutions as well as customer feedback are incorporated in the continual improvment of our software products. Our customers appreciate the easy installation, intuitive operation and high stability of our software as well as our quick and qualified support in case of questions or issues. Further strengths of Bartsch Software are quick response times in case of necessary software adjustments and indepth expertise in implementing EDI solutions.

By extending !MC5 by modules for additional communication standards like AS2 and SFTP we plan to extend into further business sectors. To make the integration of !MC5 into existing ERP solutions even easier, additional interfaces to third party software, e.g. for use by our software partners, are being developed.

 Company history

May 1993Founding of Bartsch Software
1995Odette for DOS and Windows 3.1 (version 1.x)
The first version of Bartsch Softwares Odette software is published. The initial DOS version is quickly followed by a version for Windows 3.1. The software implements file transmission via OFTP over ISDN corresponding to VDA guideline 4914/2.
1998Odette '95 (version 2.x)
Odette '95 is released for Windows 95 and Windows NT. The software now also supports ENGDAT (VDA 4951) and ENGPART. Later OFTP over TCP/IP is added and by that full implementation of OFTP corresponding to RFC2204.
July 2002EDI module including EDI converter
The EDI module extends the capabilities of Odette '95 by features for processing and conversion of EDI messages (UN/EDIFACT, VDA, ASC X12, etc.). Using the EDI module EDI messages can be viewed, printed or converted into individually defined inhouse formats. All processes are fully automatable.
September 2002Odette '95 for Linux
As more businesses start using Linux Bartsch Software decides to develop a Linux port of Odette '95. But the demand for the Linux version will sadly be too low, so the platform was be dropped with the release of the successor Odette '95 MC.
May 2003EDI-Convert Standalone
EDI module and converter are released as stand alone version. Automatic batch processing to control external programs allows to transfer data by FTP and X.400. Batch processing is also added to Odette '95.
October 2005Odette '95 MC (version 3.x)
Odette '95 MC (MultiChannel) supports parallel transfers simultaneously using ISDN and TCP/IP channels. Using Odette '95 MC gets easier with implementation of mescellaneous assistens and features for improved productivity.
April 2007Odette MC (version 4.x)
With the release of Odette MC Bartsch Software is one of the first software vendors to support OFTP2 corresponding to RFC5024 for secure data transfer over the internet. Odette MC also supports the new operating systems Windows Vista and Server 2008. The new GUI has a better integration of EDI features. The software supports any combination and amount of parallel data transfers using OFTP over ISDN, TCP or OFTP2 over the internet.
March 2016!MC5 (version 5.x)
!MC5 is the next step in the consistent refinement of our proven software solution, constantly adapting to changing demands placed on secure B2B communication. The new version offers further integration of all modules for an even more intuitive user experience. The improved modular architecture allows the use of !MC5 as pure EDI converter thus replacing the EDI-Convert Standalone product line. An integrated update system keeps the system always up to date. In 2018 !MC5 is arleady actively used by more than 300 customers world wide.
July 2018!MC5 is certified “Software Made in Germany
!MC5 is now certified “Software Made in Germany”, an initiative of Bundesverbands IT-Mittelstand (BITMi e.V.). Certified software guarantees first class service, quality and future-proof investment. We are proud !MC5 meets the required criteria and will continue to further improve the software.
October 2018!MC5 receives OFTP2 certification from Odette International
!MC5 is now listed as OFTP2 certified software. The OFTP2 certification from Odette International officially verifies that !MC5 fully conforms to the OFTP2 specifications according to RFC 5024 based on the OFTP2 Interoperability Tests - Test Cases V2.3.10.

 License conditions

Download Bartsch Software License Conditions here  lic-con_en.pdf