Module AS2

AS2 stands for Applicability Statement 2 and is a standard protocol for the secure exchange of business documents over the Internet. It is widely used by companies to exchange electronic data such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notifications securely and reliably between different business partners. AS2 uses a combination of encryption and digital signatures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the transmitted data.

The Module AS2 extends !MC5 with functions for sending and receiving data via AS2, including the transmission and analysis of the optional acknowledgement of receipt (MDN). It implements AS2 according to the Network Working Group recommendation RFC 4130 (MIME-based secure peer-to-peer business data exchange using HTTP, Applicability Statement 2). The module enables AS2 client connections over both unencrypted HTTP and encrypted HTTPS; on the server side, only HTTPS connections are allowed. In addition, the Module AS2 supports optional encryption and signing of transmitted data according to the latest standards, as well as signing of MDNs.


!MC5 is characterized by simple installation and operation, so that even inexperienced users can quickly get to grips with it. The intuitive user interface enables efficient use of the functions. Subsequently purchased modules and add-ons are automatically downloaded and installed via the automatically downloaded and installed via the integrated update function.

The Module AS2 ensures secure transmission of your business and design data over the Internet. It provides certificate-based encryption, authentication and signature of data according to the latest standards, including TSL 1.3 and SHA-3, but is also backward compatible to meet the requirements of your business partners.

Both the number of partners that can be managed and the number of parallel, simultaneous connections are unlimited with the Module AS2.

The complete automation of all processes in !MC5 allows you to seamlessly integrate and optimize your business processes. This increases efficiency and reduces error-proneness. All operations are comprehensively logged to ensure seamless tracking and analysis. This allows processes to be optimized and errors to be quickly identified.

The Module AS2 implements the AS2 protocol according to RFC 4130 of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and thus guarantees compatibility with other AS2 applications.

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