The Modul FTP-Client is now called FTP/S-Client

The Module FTP-Client is now called FTP/S-Client, because as of version 5.6.6 encrypted connections via FTPS are also supported. Encryption according to the latest standards is supported, including TLS 1.3 and SHA-3. Of course, unencrypted FTP connections can still be used.

If you are already using the Module FTP-Client, the upgrade to the Module FTP/S-Client is free of charge. Simply update to the latest version and FTPS will be available in the partner settings immediately afterwards.

 !MC5 complies with the latest OFTP2 guidelines including full PDX support

As of version 5.6.0, the modules OFTP and OFTP2 of !MC5 include full support for the latest extension of OFTP2, Partner Data Exchange via XML (PDX). The PDX functionality of !MC5 has been certified by Odette International. It supports both the (automatic) sending and receiving of PDX files. This makes !MC5 one of the certified OFTP2 products with full PDX support ("Group 1").

"Latest OFTP2 feature: Partner Data Exchange using XML (PDX via XML)
To assist user companies to optimise their use of the security configurations offered by OFTP2, a new feature – Partner Data Exchange via XML - is available to simplify the management of OFTP2 partner data, including the setting up and maintenance of connections, as well as the exchange of certificates.
The feature involves an XML schema containing the information required to set up (or update) an OFTP2 connection. The file is delivered directly from the OFTP2 software of the sending party to the OFTP2 software of the receiving party to set up or modify the connection without additional manual input.

OFTP2 Software at

 Data exchange via FTP-Client with !MC5 version 5.5.5

The Module FTP Client is now available. The today released verion 5.5.5 of !MC5 supports sending and receiving files via FTP with !MC5 acting as FTP client. Due to its limitations and lack of security data transfer via FTP is not recommended for data transfer via the Internet.

The Module FTP Client integrates as usual into the modular system of !MC5:

  • Use !MC5 with the Module FTP Client for transmission only of any data via FTP.
  • Convert data received or to be sent into any format with the Module EDI.
  • Extend your existing !MC5 solution with the Module FTP Client and connect even more business partners centrally via the same software.

 Data exchange via AS2 with !MC5 version 5.5

The Module AS2 is now available. The today released version 5.5 of !MC5 supports sending and receiving of data via AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) according to RFC4130 (MIME-Based Secure Peer-to-Peer Business Data Interchange Using HTTP, Applicability Statement 2), one of the most widely used transmission methods for EDI data.

The Module AS2 integrates as usual into the modular system of !MC5:

  • Use !MC5 with the Module AS2 for transmission only of any data via AS2.
  • Convert data received or to be sent into any format with the Module EDI.
  • Extend your existing !MC5 solution with the Module AS2 and connect even more business partners centrally via the same software.

 !MC5 immune to Log4Shell

The german BSI classified the security vulnerability Log4Shell as critical and issed a "red warning".

!MC5 as well as all other products from Bartsch Software are not affected by this vulnerability.

!MC5 is not implemented using Java and doesn't use a port of the library Log4j. For logging all processes !MC5 uses its own protocol system developed by Bartsch Software which isn't vulnerable to the mechanisms responsible for the Log4Shell flaw.

 !MC5 version 5.4 brings SFTP, TLS 1.3 and more

!MC5 version 5.4.0 was released totday. This new version offers support of additional communication methods and improved security:

The Module SFTP is now available. Exchange files via SFTP with as many partners as you want. SFTP is fully integrated into !MC5 with full logging of all file transfers. Support of further communications modules, such as AS2 and FTP, are planned to follow.

The new TLS version 1.3 for secure connections is now supported throughout !MC5. All encrypted communications like OFTP2 support TLS 1.3 for incoming and outgoing connections. TLS 1.3 can also be used for secure connections to the add-on HTTP Client.

Managing OFTP2 certificates is improved: For each certificate you can specify a date and time from which on the certificate should be used. And as alawy we will continuosly work on improving !MC5 to be better, more stable and easier to use.

 !MC5 passes OFTP2 Interoperability Test 2019

In 2019 Odette International decied that all certified OFTP2 software products have to pass the new OFTP2 Imteroperability Test to stay in the list of certified OFTP2 software products.

The improved guidelines are mostly targeted to improved security e.g. by testing support of the SHA-256 hash algorithm and preferring Perfect Forward Security for encrypted OFTP2 connections.

!MC5 passed all of the new Interoperabitlity Tests complying the latest OFTP2 Implementation Guidelines v2.6 from july 2019.

 !MC5 officially OFTP2 certified

2007 Bartsch Software released its first software supporting OFTP2 conforming to RFC 5024. Since then customers world wide have successfully transfered data via OFTP2 using Odette MC and, since march 2016, using !MC5. As the requirement to use certified OFTP2 software is on the rise, we decided to officially certify OFTP2 compliance of !MC5.

After successfully finishing the OFTP2 interoperability tests in september, !MC5 received the OFTP2 certification from Odette International on october, 19th 2018. This officially confirms !MC5s compliance with the OFTP2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol V2) specification as published in RFC-5024, in accordance with the test scenario as described in OFTP2 Interoperability Tests - Test Cases V2.3.10.

!MC5 OFTP2 certificate

The tested version 5.3.1 is already available as update for our customers.

 !MC5 is now certified “Software made in Germany”

Service, quality and future proofness of !MC5 are now certified: !MC5 received the “Software Made in Germany” certification, an initiative of Bundesverbands IT-Mittelstand (BITMi e.V.) under the patronage of the german Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Certified software offers “first class service, quality and future proofness. The reasons for this? Sophisticated design, practice tried and tested solutions, matured production processes, steady, inspiring innovation and competent customer support, to name only a few.”

We are proud !MC5 meets the required criteria and will continue to further improve the software.

 Older news

 End of Support and Updates for Odette MC V3 and V4.0X

Support and Updates for Odette MC V3 and V4.0X will end on 31th December 2017. We advice to upgrade to Odette V4.10 at no further costs. Please find the installation files here.

 German Telekom announces ISDN shutdown in 2018

The German Telekom will convert all ISDN landlines to VoIP in 2018. The digital data transfer via ISDN will be unavailable on IP landlines. A changeover to OFTP2, the IP standard protocol of the automobile industries, is mandatory. We will assist in changeover and provide an individual upgrade offer to our actual software !MC5. Please feel free to contact us at

 Odette MC: Add-Ons End of sales

Since October 2016 Add-On Secure TCP/IP-Channel and Add-On NT-Service are no longer available for sale. End of Support of these Add-Ons will be 2017-12-31. Other Odette MC Add-Ons are still available. Please use our attractive upgrade offers to !MC5 instead. Find a free 30 days trial version of !MC5 here.

 New Product !MC5

Our new product !MC5 is released now. !MC5 is the successor product of Odette MC. Please find a free 30 days trial version of !MC5 here.

 Odette MC V4.10 available!

Version 4.10 of Odette MC is available for download here. Version 4.10 of Odette MC CAD is available for download here.

 Volkswagen introduces OFTP2 as standard data exchange protocol!

The Volkswagen Company will implement OFTP2 as the mandatory protocol for construction data exchange in 2014. Audi has started the migration process too. With our Add-On "Secure TCP/IP-Channel" our customers are well prepared for the technological change in construction data and EDI data exchange.

 Odette MC V4.03 available!

Version 4.03 of Odette MC is available for download here. Version 4.03 of Odette MC CAD is available for download here.

 End of support for Odette`95

Since 2006 our former software product Odette`95 has been replaced by the software product Odette MC because of the implementation of new protocol versions for OFTP and EngDat. The product Odette`95 was still supported with Updates and our helpdesk. On 01.01.2012 support by phone for Odette`95 will end. Of course we will continue to support Odette`95 requests via email. Please contact us in case of an upgrade to Odette MC. We would like to submit you a special offer. More information on Odette MC you can find here.