Add-On EP Scripting

The Add-On EP Scripting (External Process Scripting) extends !MC5 with the possibility to control external applications. This is made possible by executing Windows batch files, which can optionally be passed dynamically created parameter files. This allows data to be sent and received via third-party software and processed by external applications before or after transmission. Scheduled execution of scripts also enables automation of regular tasks.

The add-on provides comprehensive logging, including optional logging of script output, to ensure seamless tracking and analysis in the event of errors. Another important aspect is the exclusive execution of scripts to avoid possible conflicts during execution. In combination with the Module EDI, this allows EDI data to be received and sent via various external programs, including via Telekom's X.400 client FileWork.

All in all, the Add-On EP Scripting is a powerful extension that helps you to design your business processes efficiently and flexibly.


With the Add-On EP Scripting you can easily create and execute Windows batch scripts and optionally pass dynamically generated parameter files to them. This gives you maximum flexibility in integrating third-party software to manipulate or further process data.

Using the Add-On EP Scripting, partners can be configured to send and receive data by calling external applications. In all other areas of !MC5, such as the creation of (EDI) automatic rules or the manual sending of files, these partners are treated in the same way as partners using directly supported transmission methods. This makes it possible, for example, to connect X.400 partners via T-Systems' FileWork software.

With the Add-On EP Scripting, scripts can also be executed time-controlled. This makes it possible, for example, to regularly retrieve data from a partner (polling) or to execute time-controlled tasks by calling an external program. This function makes it possible to set up automated processes and improve the efficiency of data processing.

Like all processes in !MC5, all operations of the Add-On EP Scripting are logged in detail to ensure complete tracking and analysis, allowing processes to be optimized and errors to be identified quickly. Optional logging of script output also allows feedback from third-party software to be integrated into !MC5's log, provided such feedback is generated by the called software.

In cases where the third-party software used with the Add-On EP Scripting to process data may not be executed multiple times at the same time, the add-on provides the option for exclusive script execution. This ensures that the third-party software is never run multiple times at the same time, but only when the previous processing has been fully completed.

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