!MC5 system requirements

!MC5 is specially designed for Windows as a native application and, in addition to user-friendly, intuitive operation, places particular emphasis on optimized execution speed and efficient use of system resources. As a result, !MC5 is characterized by minimal resource requirements while providing optimal performance even for computationally intensive tasks and large data volumes.

The hardware requirements of !MC5 are the same as those of the installed Windows version. In addition, !MC5 does not require any dependencies on third-party applications or additional server software. All required functions are directly integrated into the application. This means no additional investment in expensive or specialized hardware or additional software, no compatibility issues or security risks from external software applications, and easy system maintenance and setup because everything comes from a single source.

This makes !MC5 a cost-effective solution that makes the best use of existing infrastructure, even with limited hardware resources, while providing high performance with low energy consumption through the software.

Minimum system requirements

  • Recommended: Windows 10, 11 or later / Windows Server 2016 - 2022 or later
  • Supported: Windows Vista or later or Server 2008 or later
    (Windows versions older than Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. Therefore, the use of these operating systems is not recommended.)
  • The system requirements are the minimum requirements of the respective Windows version
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space for installation
  • Free hard disk space for transfer files (local or network)
  • Permanent internet connection for registration and license check
    (contact us if you want to use !MC5 on a system without internet access, for example for data transfer over ENX network)

Other requirements

  • AS2, OFTP2: Digital certificates are mandatory for various functions. Basically !MC5 works with any valid certificate. In practice, partners may require certificates issued by a specific issuer, for example Odette Secure.
  • AS2, SFTP, OFTP2, OFTP/TCP: For incoming connections, the system must be accessible from the outside of the corresponding network (e.g. Internet). This may require a fixed IP address and a subdomain/domain pointing to it.
  • OFTP/ISDN: ISDN hardware with matching CAPI 2.0 (32 bit) or LAN CAPI for ISDN router in local network.
    (The used CAPI must support ISDN data services!)