Flexible ERP integration via file-based API

The numerous formats in electronic data interchange (EDI) pose significant challenges for any ERP system today. Data transfers must take place via defined protocols, such as AS2 or OFTP2. The formats to be used are based on international standards such as EDIFACT, ODETTE or ANSI ASC X.12. These often cannot be interpreted directly by in-house systems and require conversion to the appropriate internal format. Here !MC5 offers you comprehensive support through appropriate modules and add-ons, from data transmission via AS2, OFTP2 up to SFTP, as well as the conversion of common EDI formats into XML or customizable FlatFile formats.

But in addition to sending, receiving and converting, coping with diverse and often complex interfaces is another hurdle. The data must ultimately be integrated into the company's own ERP and, conversely, transferred to !MC5 for further processing. Instead of many different and complex to configure connectors, !MC5 relies on a simple, uniform file-based interface.

ERP integration through file exchange
ERP integration through file exchange

This file-based data exchange can easily be adapted to your requirements in the company network. You always retain full control over source and target data, according to your release and access rules. The administration of import and export of data to be sent and received is done centrally and clearly in !MC5. This allows you to track the data flow at a glance. Various mechanisms ensure smooth operation and help you to identify and correct potential problems at an early stage.

The use of "simple files" as an interface ensures seamless integration of almost any application. Modern operating systems already provide all the necessary tools to access files on the local computer, in the network or in the cloud securely and protected from unauthorized access. For special requirements, the EP Scripting add-on enables the control of external applications to make data exchange even more flexible.

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