Send and receive EDI via AS2

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and refers to the exchange of business data between companies via electronic channels. Standardized formats and protocols are used to facilitate the transfer of data such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping notifications. EDI enables business processes to be completed faster and more efficiently, reducing the need for manual intervention and paper documents.

An example of EDI is the efficient exchange of purchase orders and invoices between a retailer and a supplier. The retailer can create a purchase order in its EDI system and send it electronically to the supplier. In this process, the data is first converted into a common format such as EDIFACT, VDA or ODETTE. The data is then transmitted using standardized procedures such as AS2 or OFTP2. In this way, the data is transmitted to the supplier securely and reliably.

The supplier can receive the order in his EDI system and automatically generate an invoice. This invoice is then sent back to the retailer electronically. The use of international standards for the content and transmission of data ensures that business partners of different types can communicate with each other easily and efficiently. This enables smooth collaboration and rapid exchange of business data between retailers and suppliers.

Data transfer via AS2
Data transfer via AS2

AS2 as a transmission protocol for EDI data

AS2 is a protocol used worldwide for the secure transmission of EDI data. It stands for Applicability Statement 2 and enables the reliable exchange of business documents over the Internet. Companies frequently use AS2 to securely exchange electronic data such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping notifications between different business partners.

AS2 ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of transmitted data through a combination of encryption and digital signatures. By using Message Disposition Notification (MDN), the correct receipt of a file can be acknowledged.

It is important to note that when exchanging EDI data via AS2, data can only flow in one direction at a time over a connection because AS2 is based on the HTTP Internet protocol. To send data to a business partner, you need an AS2 client that connects to the recipient's AS2 server and transmits the files. The AS2 client can only send data, but not receive it. If you also want to receive data from your partners via AS2, you need your own AS2 server that is accessible via the Internet.

For the successful exchange of EDI data via AS2 in both directions, on the one hand you need a system that takes the data from your ERP system and sends it to your partner via the AS2 client. At the same time, you need an AS2 server that receives data from the AS2 client of the other party and forwards it to your ERP system.

Data exchange via AS2 with !MC5

With module AS2 for !MC5 contains both an AS2 client and an AS2 server. So you can send and receive data. The user-friendly interface of !MC5 enables even inexperienced users to set up new connections and exchange data with business partners within a very short time. The data exchange can be fully automated and in case of problems, notifications can be sent automatically by !MC5 via e-mail.

If a business partner requires EDI data to be exchanged in a format that is not supported by your company's internal systems, !MC5 can be extended with the EDI module to convert the data into the desired format. In addition, !MC5 offers the possibility to add further supported protocols like OFTP2 or SFTP, and thus to control EDI data exchange as well as conversions centrally with one application. This allows you to flexibly respond to the requirements of new partners, regardless of industry, transmission method or EDI message format.

With !MC5, companies can be sure that their data is transferred securely and reliably and that they are able to communicate with their business partners around the world. With the free trial version of !MC5 you can convince yourself of its performance and ease of use.

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