Add-On HTTP Client

The Add-On HTTP Client is a powerful extension that enables data to be sent and received via !MC5 from any workstation in the local network using a web browser. Employees can connect to !MC5 via a web browser and create send jobs or download received files via a user-friendly interface. If the Module EDI is licensed, the processing status of EDI messages to be sent and received can be easily checked via the EDI inbox and outbox. In addition, EDI messages can be filtered, searched and displayed in evaluated form.

The system status can be checked quickly and easily from any workstation in the network via the web interface dashboard. No existing web server is required. The add-on uses an integrated HTTP server that offers optional HTTPS support for increased security.

The Add-Ons HTTP Client and Client/Server also add user management to !MC5. This allows users and groups to be created and various rights to be defined. For example, it is possible to restrict which partners are visible to a user, which status messages are displayed to the user in the web interface or whether or not users in a group are allowed to delete received files. If the Add-Ons ENGDAT and ENGPART are licensed, their functions are also available in the web interface.


No additional web server is required to use the Add-On HTTP Client. The configuration for the use of the integrated web server is uncomplicated and done with a few clicks. After creating the first users, they can immediately log in to the web interface from any system in your network.

The web interface supports all major web browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Logged in users can create shipping jobs, view their status and download received files. If the Add-On ENGDAT is licensed, ENGDAT transmissions are displayed in an evaluated form and the included files can be downloaded in their original form with one click.

The EDI inbox and outbox make it easy to monitor the processing status of EDI messages received and to be sent. Not only can comprehensive processing details be viewed for each message, but the message itself can also be displayed in evaluated form in the web interface. A prerequisite is that the Module EDI is licensed.

Using the integrated user and group management, any number of users and groups can be created, each of which can be assigned different rights, e.g. restricted access to available partners and their files as well as rights to delete files.

The Add-On HTTP Client was developed specifically for internal use in the corporate network. To meet current security standards as well, the web interface can optionally be accessed via HTTPS, with TLS support up to version 1.3 to ensure secure encryption.

In addition to the integration of the Add-On ENGDAT into the web interface, the Add-On ENGPART is also supported. Received ENGDAT transmissions are displayed evaluated and the contained files can be downloaded individually or completely. When creating ENGDAT dispatch orders, all necessary ENGDAT information can be added by the user. ENGPART data is also available to the user. If the Email add-on is licensed, links to the web interface of the HTTP client can be integrated into emails sent via it, so that notified users can access received files without detours.

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