Innovative B2B solutions for EDI, OFTP, OFTP2 and more

Bartsch Software from Kiel, Germany offers innovative solutions for your Business-To-Business (B2B) communication: Our products are used internationally and support companies since more than 20 years to efficiently handle their B2B communications, predominantly via OFTP and OFTP2 protocols, mainly used un the automotive sector. Additional support of ENGDAT and ENGPART as well as processing and conversion of EDI messages (e.g. UN/EDIFACT, VDA, ASC X12) turn the current product !MC5 into one of the most powerful solutions to connect individual business software to the outside world.

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!MC5 - B2B communication suite and EDI interface

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Our software !MC5 is setting new benchmarks for B2B communications using established standards (OFTP, OFTP2, and more), transfer of CAD/CAM data (ENGDAT, ENGPART), processing and conversion of EDI data (UN/EDIFACT, VDA, ASC X12, and more) as well as flexibly connecting individual business software to the outside world.

Its modular architecture, certified OFTP2 support, ability for complete automatation, the easy installation and an intuitive user experience mark !MC5 as an effective an cost-efficient solution for most B2B requirements.

Out intent is to offer our customers professional software for their business success. For us this implies reliable and easy to use software.

“As customer and reseller we require our communication software to be reliable and easy to use and set up. !MC5 provides all that and above all offers a very good price-performance ratio fitting our own SME customers (small and medium-sized enterprises).”

Marion Happe, APLIKO GmbH

!MC5 is an easy to use and to configure software for file exchange using OFTP2. We are convinced by its stability and reliability.”

Philipp Winkel, Vocus Computer- und Softwaresysteme GmbH

“The best about !MC5 is, once it is configured its running without any issues in the background. Any questions are answered by the software manual or the friendly and professional support staff. When new updates are available the software infroms me by email. That is what I call good software.”

Sven Brunhorn, Varioplast Konrad Däbritz GmbH

Convince yourself of the qualities of !MC5 and our professional support: Learn more about !MC5 or download your fully functional 3 week trial version now.

Previous products

!MC5 replaces our well established products Odette MC, Odette MC CAD and EDI-Convert Standalone. Those versions still get limited support and also a reduced set of addons is still available.

!MC5 offers many improvements over its predecessors which easliy justify upgrading to !MC5: Setup, maintenance and usage are easier than ever before. Simplified certificate management, exended logging of all processes and the integrated update feature are only a few improvements to name in !MC5.


The FTP-Client is now called FTP/S-Client
With the latest update of !MC5, the FTP client also supports FTPS encryption including TLS 1.3 and SHA-3 and is therefore now called FTP/S client.

New OFTP2 features fully supported
From version 5.6.0 onwards, !MC5 offers full support for the latest OFTP2 extension, the Partner Data Exchange via XML (PDX), of course certified by Odette International.

Data exchange via FTP
The Module FTP Client is now available. With the Module FTP Client you can use yet another method for exchanging data in !MC5 to connect to even more business partners.

!MC5 version 5.5: Data exchange via AS2
The Module AS2 is now available. Use !MC5 to exchange data via AS2 or extend your existing !MC5 solution with the Module AS2 to connect to even more business partners.

!MC5 immune to Log4Shell
!MC5 as well as all other products from Bartsch Software are not affected by the critical vulnerability Log4Shell.