Add-On Email

The Add-On Email of !MC5 allows to send specific notifications to business partners or own employees when certain events occur. This can be used to keep stakeholders informed about the sending or receiving of data: For example, an automatic notification to internal employees that new data has been received, or an email to a partner that new data is ready for pickup if they cannot be actively dialed.

Control is achieved by defining rules: Triggered by events, such as the receipt of files from specific partners, individual emails can be sent to different recipients. Additional information can be added to the emails, such as the partner description, file names, ENGDAT information, links to the file path, and much more. When sending internal emails, the transferred files can be sent directly as attachments, which further simplifies and accelerates the process of data exchange.


The Add-On Email provides support for configuring two email servers: one for internal communication with employees and another for external communication with business partners. This setup ensures that internal and confidential emails stay within the company and do not leak outside, ensuring the security of internal communications.

In modern business processes, receiving or sending data is often relevant to more than just a single person or department. For this reason, the Add-On Email enables the automatic sending of email messages to multiple recipients. This ensures that all relevant parties are informed at the same time and that the flow of information within the company is optimized.

With the aim of offering maximum flexibility in different requirement scenarios, the add-on allows you to set up individual rules for each partner. You can differentiate whether data is currently being sent or received, or whether it is ready for collection. This enables a tailored response to the specific needs of each partner and optimizes the data flow process.

The content of sent emails is freely configurable and can be supplemented with relevant data about the data transfer, such as the partner description, the names of transferred files, information from the ENGDAT header (for licensed Add-On ENGDAT) and direct links to the files on the local network or to the HTTP client (for licensed Add-On HTTP Client). This ensures that each email contains exactly the information that is relevant and useful for the recipient.

When sending internal emails with the Add-On Email, it is possible to attach relevant files directly to an email as file attachments. This way, relevant data reaches the correct recipient, even if the recipient does not have direct access rights to the !MC5 server. To avoid unnecessary load on the internal mail traffic, the maximum size for file attachments can be limited.

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