New features in !MC5

!MC5 is the logical next step in our effort to constantly improve our products. It replaces Odette MC, Odette MC CAD and EDI-Convert Standalone and offers all the functionality its predecessors offered, improving many of the existing functionality and adding many new features.

!MC5 features a new, modern GUI, combining all features into one intuitivley user experience. Even more improvements are "under the hood", improving and extending on existing and introducing new features.

The following list of changes and added features was outdated upon release as !MC5 is being continuously enhanced based on user feedback. But it offeres an impression of what to expect when upgrading to our newest product. When upgrading to !MC5 the configuration of Odette MC or any other legacy version can be imported into !MC5 to make the transistion as seamless as possible. With only a few clicks !MC5 should be up and running in just a few minutes.


  • Integrated update notification and installation
  • Rollback to breviously installed versions of !MC5
  • Extended email notifications (including testing the email settings (manually and automatically at program startup) and new notification events)
  • Extended and improved protocols
  • Admin mode
  • Automatic configuration backups on program startup and prior to updates

Module OFTP2 (previously Secure TCP/IP)

  • Compliance to OFTP2 specifications certified by Odette International (learn more)
  • Improved and simplified certificate management
  • Storage of certificates independent of currently logged on Windows user
  • Usage of TSLs as sources for issuer certificates
  • TSL management including automatic updating of TSLs
  • User store for additional issuer certificates
  • Select the sources to use for certificate validation (Windows certificate store, TSLs, user store)
  • Use of proxy connections for downloads and certificate validation

Module EDI

  • Email notification of errors during EDI processing
  • New script functions (OnInitialization, OnFinalization, DebugMsg)
  • Automatic import and export of messages without conversion possible
  • Simplified management of import and export rules
  • Plain text search in EDI messages
  • Persistent EDI processing queue
  • Repeat EDI processing of received files via folder view
  • Create copies of import and export rules
  • Fallback to default printer during automatic printing is now optional
  • Manual conversion from ASCII to EBCDIC and vice versa via folder view

Add-on EP Scripting (previously Batches)

  • Consistent partner management
  • Logging of output of called batch scripts
  • Exclusive execution of batch scripts without additional tools

Add-on HTTP Client (previously Webinterface)

  • Modern, responsive design
  • Language selection during login
  • ENGPART contacts are searchable
  • One click download of all files from one ENGDAT message
  • HTTPS support

Add-on Windows Service (previously NT-Service)

  • Installation and configuration using !MC5 GUI
  • Automatically starting and stopping the service instance when the !MC5 GUI ist started or closed
  • Reduced memory usage when running as service instance
  • Status monitoring of the service