STLRPT - Settlement transaction reporting
A Settlement transaction reporting message is exchanged between participants in the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) to report transaction data for processing and account settlement purposes. BSP participants include airlines, agents, Computer Reservations Systems (CRS) and the BSP Centre.
SUPCOT - Superannuation contributions advice
The Superannuation Contributions Advice is sent by a party to an organisation administering a superannuation scheme, to detail contribution payments made for members of the superannuation scheme.
SUPMAN - Superannuation maintenance
The Superannuation Maintenance Message is sent by a party to an organisation administering a superannuation scheme, to specify membership maintenance information about superannuation scheme members.
SUPRES - Supplier response
A Reservation message is sent by a tourism operator to one or more service providers in order to request desired services. These services may be subject to confirmation by any of the parties concerned. The Supplier response presented herein is the response to the Reservation message (RESMSG).
TANSTA - Tank status report
A message from a vessel to the shipplanning department of a shipping line and vice versa (e.g. via satellite), giving details about the contents of ballast tanks, fuel tanks, water tanks and other figures necessary for the calculation of the stability of the vessel.
TAXCON - Tax control
A Tax control message is used to enable the transmission of summary and control data for tax purposes. It is used to summarise and control the taxes (e.g. VAT) or duty which applies to a batch or batches of related messages.
TPFREP - Terminal performance
The Terminal performance message is a message to transmit information relating to the operations carried out by terminal operators such as the loading, discharging and rehandling of containers and/or roll on/roll off items, hatch covers etc.
UTILMD - Utilities master data
The Utilities master data message is sent between responsible parties in a utilities infrastructure for the purpose of exchanging characteristics of objects and services. In addition the Utilities master data message may be used to request information. A party in a utilities infrastructure can for example be a net owner, a supplier, a balance responsible or a transmission system operator.
UTILTS - Utilities time series
The Utilities time series message is sent between responsible parties in a utilities infrastructure for the purpose of reporting time series and connected technical and/or administrative information.
VATDEC - Value added tax
This VAT Declaration Message (VATDEC) permits the transfer of data from a declarant to a national VAT collecting authority for the purpose of meeting legislative and/or operational requirements in respect of the declarations of VAT. The declarant may be a taxpayer who is obliged to send VAT returns the authorities, or an accountant or others who on behalf of one several taxpayers send VAT returns to the authorities and who is mandated to do so by the authorities and the taxpayer. The declaration may contain one or several returns. The message may also be used, for example: - within the European Union, to transmit VAT summary information for the Value Added Tax Information Exchange System (VIES) from a declarant to the relevant national VIES collecting authorities. - to transmit other related or comparable VAT information from a declarant to the relevant authorities.
VESDEP - Vessel departure
A message from a stevedore to a liner agent or from a liner agent to a local authority (e.g. port authority) to inform the latter party of the departure of a vessel and giving information on the actual container or cargo operations. This message is part of a total set of container-related messages. These messages serve to facilitate the intermodal handling of containers by streamlining the information exchange. The business scenario for the container messages is clarified in a separate document, called: 'Guide to the scenario of EDIFACT container messages'.
WASDIS - Waste disposal information
A message to convey information on last inspection and on waste on board of a means of transport (e.g. vessel) and/or equipment related to a means of transport - and still to be disposed in the next place or port of call of the means of transport.
WKGRDC - Work grant decision
A message specifying details of decisions of the governmental agency to an employer relating to a work grant request or permit for one or more workers.
WKGRRE - Work grant request
A message specifying details of requests to a governmental authority from an employer for workers who need a work grant or permit.