QALITY - Quality data
A message to enable the transmission of the results of tests performed to satisfy a specified product or process requirement. The content includes, but is not limited to, test data and measurements, statistical information, and the testing methods employed.
QUOTES - Quote
A message which provides potential sellers with the ability to provide price, delivery schedule, and other conditions for potential sales of goods or services.
RDRMES - Raw data reporting
A Raw data reporting message (RDRMES) is sent in response to predefined and identified questions. Raw data are collected by numerous offices in the public and private sectors. Much of the data is predefined and repetitious. The data are often codified such that their description has been pre-set and meets the criteria of the collector.
REBORD - Reinsurance bordereau
A reinsurance bordereau message is made of individual policy data and their impact on a reinsurance contract. More specifically, the REBORD can be used to report how the reinsurance premiums or claims figures are built up, or to report individual cessions affecting a reinsurance contract.
RECADV - Receiving advice
This message is to address the business needs related to the goods receipt. This message is used to report the physical receipt of goods. The message allows for the reporting of discrepancies in products, quantities, terms, packages, etc. The message may contain only the information that the received consignment is completely in line with the consignment information given in the Despatch advice message. In case there is no detail to be provided. The message may inform about the discrepancies: - between the received consignment and consignment information given in the Despatch advice message. - between the received goods and the ordered goods in the ORDERS, DELFOR or DELJIT information.
RECALC - Reinsurance calculation
RECALC is a generic message used in reinsurance environment to show various types of calculation that are either based on the loss ratio or on the technical result of a reinsurance contract or program, mainly in the area of commissions and commission adjustments and in stop loss claims. This message supports results shown in the RETACC message.
RECECO - Credit risk cover
Factoring companies provide their clients (the seller) protection against the risk of credit losses on sales to the buyers. Credit protection is provided on each approved customer (buyer) of the seller. The message will be used to apply for preliminary credit assessment (used during negotiation with prospective clients); apply for credit protection; reply to credit requests; revise amount and expiry date of credit protection and terms; cancel credit protection. The message will serve at the same time as the request for credit risk cover and as the answer (approval or rejection to that request).
RECLAM - Reinsurance claims
A reinsurance claims message is exchanged between insurers, professional intermediaries, reinsurers to send information concerning a loss and/or to request settlement (payment or refund) concerning the loss.
RECORD - Reinsurance core data
The RECORD message will convey to partners involved in the placing of a reinsurance contract or endorsement in a structured format all the required core data that form the basis of the negotiation process and of the ensuing contract (such as : contract sections and their criteria, clauses, coverages, deductibles, deductions and premiums, parties involved).
REGENT - Registration of enterprise
This message is designed to transmit legal, administrative and statutory information concerning the creation, change or cessation of a business activity within an enterprise. It can be exchanged between an enterprise and an authority responsible for registration or between any relevant body and its partners.
RELIST - Reinsured objects list
The RELIST provides partners involved in the placing of a reinsurance contract or endorsement structured details on individual items to be reinsured (partly for facultative risks); this generic item list can give details on any type of item, ranging from individual vessels, buildings, industrial sites, aircraft to exhibitions, fleets and groups of buildings or employees to name a few.
REMADV - Remittance advice
The Remittance Advice is a communication between trading partners, e.g. seller, buyer, financial institutions, which provides a detailed accounting relative to a payment, or other form of financial settlement, for the provision of goods and/or services as detailed in the advice.
REPREM - Reinsurance premium
The Reinsurance Premium Message (REPREM) allows to support the technical entries for any premium or brokerage adjustment amount. For this purpose, it enables to render all the relevant data (mainly amounts and the way they are built up) used in the actual calculation of the adjustment, as well as the other relevant elements used in the specific formula.
REQDOC - Request for document
A message to enable a party request the sending, or re-sending, of data, either as a document or message, or in some other agreed form.
REQOTE - Request for quote
A message which provides potential buyers with the ability to solicit price, delivery schedule, and other conditions from potential sellers of goods or services.
RESETT - Reinsurance settlement
A reinsurance settlement message is exchanged by insurers, reinsurers, bureaux, brokers and professional reinsurance intermediaries to send all information that enables to identify, reconcile and set-off technical accounts.
RESMSG - Reservation
A Reservation message is sent by a tourism operator to one or more service providers in order to request desired services. These services may be subject to confirmation by any of the parties concerned.
RETACC - Reinsurance technical account
The RETACC is used by the sender to report to the receiver the latter's position in the sender's books with respect to one single reinsurance contract. It is in this sense a type of account for services rendered, and may initiate a payment flow either directly or via a periodical overview statement.
RETANN - Announcement for returns
A message by which a party announces to another party details of goods for return due to specified reasons (e.g. returns for repair, returns at end of leasing period, returns because of damage).
RETINS - Instruction for returns
A message by which a party informs another party whether and how goods shall be returned.
RPCALL - Repair call
A message sent by a manufacturer or a call centre with information addressed to servicing and repair centres with details of appliances requiring repair or service. The information provided by the manufacturer or a call centre may include, details of the appliance, symptoms and faults, service history and previous repairs, parts already replaced, location where the appliance it is to be found as well as contact details.
SAFHAZ - Safety and hazard data
The Safety and hazard data message is to enable the communication of safety data and advice on relevant materials supplied to industrial customers so as to enable them to take measures to protect their employees and the environment from any potential harmful effects from these materials.
SANCRT - International movement of goods governmental regulatory
The SANCRT message permits a commercial operator to apply to a national agency for the issue of a certificate, permit, authorization etc. in respect of products to be imported or exported. It further permits the issuing authority to transmit to the applicant and to the exporting or importing country's relevant national authority, (e.g. Customs, Agriculture etc.) the details of the certificate, permit or authorization in respect of those products thus facilitating the import/export clearance of the consignment whilst ensuring that all certificate, permit, authorization requirements are met.
SLSFCT - Sales forecast
A message to enable the transmission of forecast data related to products or services, such as corresponding location, period, product identification, pricing, monetary amount, quantity, market sector information, sales parties. It enables the recipient to process the information automatically and use it for production, planning, marketing, statistical purposes, etc.
SLSRPT - Sales data report
A message to enable the conveyance of product activity related to the sale of products or services, such as the activity location, date, time or period, quantity, pricing, monetary amount, market sector, involved parties and other data enabling various sales analysis processes. Such activity information allows the recipient to perform statistical and quantitative analysis in support of production, planning, marketing, replenishment, and other processes.
SOCADE - Social administration
A message is sent by an employer to an organisation to report information regarding to person(s) who get wages or advantages, as goods granted by an employee, from an employer. It may relate about an event concerning one or more employee(s) or report on staff activities during a specific period of employment.
SSIMOD - Modification of identity details
The SSIMOD message is sent to communicate to the country of first registration the modification of identity details which took place since the last transmission related to the worker.
SSRECH - Worker's insurance history
The SSRECH message is sent by a designated body in one State to the equivalent body in another State giving details of a worker's Social Security insurance history as requested by the latter State.
SSREGW - Notification of registration of a worker
The SSREGW message is exchanged between designated bodies to enable interchange and registration of a worker's social security number. The message is also exchanged by designated bodies to request and compile details of worker's social security insurance record.
STATAC - Statement of account
A Statement of Account is a communication from a Seller or his agent to a Buyer or his agent, providing information about the status of an account at a specific point in time. It is used as an aid to reconciliation. At the same time it may be a reminder of payment due.