About Bartsch Software

Bartsch Software from Kiel has been developing innovative and secure solutions for your business data exchange for over 30 years.

Our products are used internationally and support companies efficiently and securely in their digital data exchange (B2B communication) via OFTP and OFTP2 (automotive industry), AS2 (e-commerce), SFTP, FTP and more. The additional option of processing and converting EDI messages of common standards (UN/EDIFACT, VDA, ASC X12, etc.) as well as the support of ENGDAT and ENGPART for the exchange of CAD/CAM data make the current product !MC5 the universal interface between individual company software and the outside world.

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The FTP-Client is now called FTP/S-Client

With the latest update of !MC5, the FTP client also supports FTPS encryption including TLS 1.3 and SHA-3 and is therefore now called FTP/S client.

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New OFTP2 features fully supported

From version 5.6.0 onwards, !MC5 offers full support for the latest OFTP2 extension, the Partner Data Exchange via XML (PDX), of course certified by Odette International.

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Data exchange via FTP

The Module FTP Client is now available. With the Module FTP Client you can use yet another method for exchanging data in !MC5 to connect to even more business partners.

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!MC5 - The software that adapts to your company

Managed File Transfer und EDI Converter

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  • AS2
  • FTP
  • OFTP
  • OFTP2
  • SFTP

One program, all connections

With !MC5 you are optimally prepared for the constantly changing requirements in the business environment. !MC5 supports numerous common transmission technologies and, thanks to its modular structure, offers the option of expanding the range of functions at any time exactly as required.

  • ASC X.12
  • CSV / IDOC / PAI
  • XML

EDI conversion and processing

The Module EDI extends !MC5 with comprehensive functions for processing and converting EDI data in accordance with the most common standards. It also allows you to define your own formats to ensure smooth integration with any application.

  • CAD / CAM
  • ERP
  • JIS / JIT

Integration into existing processes

!MC5 integrates seamlessly and transparently into your existing software ecosystem. The easy configurability, complete automation and wide range of expansion options position !MC5 as the ideal solution for efficiently connecting your company with the outside world.

What our customers say about !MC5

“As customer and reseller we require our communication software to be reliable and easy to use and set up. !MC5 provides all that and above all offers a very good price-performance ratio fitting our own SME customers (small and medium-sized enterprises).”

Marion Happe, APLIKO GmbH

“!MC5 is an easy to use and to configure software for file exchange using OFTP2. We are convinced by its stability and reliability.”

Philipp Winkel, Vocus Computer- und Softwaresysteme GmbH

“The best about !MC5 is, once it is configured its running without any issues in the background. Any questions are answered by the software manual or the friendly and professional support staff. When new updates are available the software infroms me by email. That is what I call good software.”

Sven Brunhorn, Varioplast Konrad Däbritz GmbH

With its modularity and cost efficiency, !MC5 stands out as an advanced solution for business data exchange and EDI data processing.

Are you looking for a software solution for data exchange with various partners from different industries, or are you faced with the challenge of connecting a new customer who requires data exchange using an EDI format not supported by your ERP?

Whatever you need, whether OFTP2 or AS2 for the transfer of EDI or CAD data, fully automated or manually by the user if required, !MC5 is the solution for the specific requirements of your B2B communication.

  • Flexible - The modular structure adapts !MC5 to your company. You only buy what you really need.
  • Intuitive - Simple setup and intuitive operation allow you to get started quickly.
  • Scalable - New functions, transmission methods and EDI formats can be added at any time without the need for a new installation.
  • Secure - The latest encryption and security standards are already supported. Regular updates keep the security functions up to date.
  • Future-proof - !MC5 is constantly being further developed and new functions added.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with professional applications for their business success. Convince yourself of the innovative functions, diverse possibilities and our competent support.

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