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!MC5 Software Manual for version 5.6.14

You can find the manual for your installed version as PDF in the installation directory of !MC5 or via the menu item Help / Show help in the main menu of !MC5. The PDF manual is automatically updated via the integrated update function.

!MC5 is a modular communication software for Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Business Integration (BI), sometimes referred to as Business-to-Business-Integration (B2BI). Different communication modules like OFTP2 or SFTP allow data transfer from and to your partners and the module EDI allows (automated) evaluation and conversion of EDI messages, thus connecting your in-house ERP software. Using Add-Ons !MC5 can be extended with additional features, e.g. the capability to transmit CAD data using the ENGDAT specification.


Available Modules and Add-Ons