!MC5 (Multi-Connector 5)

!MC5 is a universal system for administration, data transfer und data conversion of your business data. Because of its modular structure !MC5 can be configured to your special business requirements. High automation ensures an effective and low budget solution in the area of digital data and document transfer with your backend systems.

!MC5 provides data transmission using OFTP and OFTP2 via ISDN and TCP/IP according to industrial standards like the VDA-Recommendations 4914/2 und 4951. OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) is the standard protocol for European motor manufacturing industries and their suppliers.

  • Easy online registration, installation and operation
  • Automated data transfer just on time
  • Comfortable unlimited partner management database
  • Secure commmunications with TLS 1.2 for OFTP2
  • Multi channel control
  • Upgradable with several modules (OFTP, OFTP2, EDI) and Add-Ons
  • OFTP2 conformity

Available Modules  MC5 BASE  OFTP  OFTP2  AS2  SFTP  EDI

Available Add-Ons  OFTP/ISDN Channel  OFTP/TCP Channel  OFTP2 Channel  AS2 Channel  SFTP Channel  Email  Client/Server  HTTP Client  Web Service  Windows Service  EngDat  EngPart  Message EDIFACT  Message ODETTE  Message VDA  Message X12  EP Scripting