!MC5-CAD (Multi-Connector 5 CAD-Version)

!MC5-CAD is an effective system for administration, data transmission and conversion of your CAD/CAM data.

!MC5-CAD provides data transmission via ISDN and TCP/IP IP using OFTP and/or OFTP2 according to industrial standards like the VDA recommendations 4914/2 und 4951. OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) is the standard protocol for european motor manufacturing industries and their suppliers.

  • Easy online registration, installation and operation
  • 1 Add-On OFTP/ISDN Channel or 1 OFTP/TCP Channel or 1 OFTP2 Channel included
  • Automated data transfer just on time
  • Comfortable unlimited partner management database
  • Secure communication using TLS 1.2 for OFTP2
  • OFTP2 conformity

Available Add-Ons  OFTP/ISDN Channel  OFTP/TCP Channel  OFTP2 Channel  EngDat/EngPart